Your Story

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We’d love your story to become part of Our Story*.

Often we refrain from sharing our stories – we’re not good enough, we’re too busy, we’re afraid to be vulnerable. But sharing our stories can be very powerful in encouraging and inspiring others and who are we to let our insecurities get in the way?

If you’re happy to write something, please send your post (no longer than 500 words) to It doesn’t even have to be a story, it could be a song, a book review or a video you’d like to contribute! Or if writing’s not your strong point and you have something to say, we’d love to interview you!

Or if you’re just here to read, that’s fine too – you’re welcome to comment on any of the posts you might like to respond to.

*what we call our blog – aka a collection of unique contributions from each of us – that tells our story!