Grand CanyonA few years ago, I had the privilege to be able to visit the Grand Canyon. It is the most amazing sight, and a very humbling experience.

As I stood on the South Rim and looked across, it was impossible to tell if the North Rim was 100 metres away or half a mile, and the whole experience was a little ‘heady‘.

As I watched, there were a few small clouds about which briefly covered the sun, and created shadows across the different part of the canyon walls. The sun would then re-emerge, revealing every shade of grey, pink and orange in the rocks – stunning!!

It then dawned on me that God had seen all these colours, fissures, promontories and rock faces from the moment they had started to be formed by the Colorado River, and He knew every millimetre of it intimately, including all the changes which had occurred as the rocks were weathered.

From flat ground to a mile deep canyon – God had seen it all unfold. He knows exactly how far it is across at any given point, and what it will look like many decades hence. What I could see was breathtaking, but God sees it all – the end from the beginning.

What we see is a cameo, bound by time. God’s perspective is four-dimensional, and boundless.

In Tommy Tenney’s book – God’s Eye View, there is a delightful account of his small daughter’s first experience of perspective:

My youngest daughter was about 4 years old, when she first discovered the principle of perspective. I had the privilege of watching the process literally from a front row seat (she was sitting in the window seat right beside me on an aeroplane).

I’ll never forget watching her little face when the plane engines roared and the plane began to pick up speed as it rolled down the runway……. something happened in her mind when the plane finally left the ground. Her body language told a tale of wonder……………I leaned forward just enough to see her face as she suddenly pulled away from the window and turned to me with great big eyes. She looked at me in wonder, and said, “Wook, Daddy, wook…………wikkle people, wikkle tiny cars, wikkle houses”.

From the elevated perspective of my maturity and wisdom, I explained to her, “oh no, my dear darling, those are not little people – those are normal sized people. Those aren’t little cars – they are normal-sized cars. It’s just called perspective. We are up so high that everything below us looks small”.

No, Daddy”, she said, “I saw them – wikkle people, wikkle cars, wikkly tiny houses”.

When you fly high, whatever is beneath you appears smaller, and whatever you get close to appears bigger in your sight.

Those who wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength: they shall mount up with wings like eagles’.

Worship is the wind beneath our wings, which helps us soar high enough to begin to get closer to God who loves us literally ‘to death’, and to begin to get a God’s eye view of the things that concern us, so that we can live in the strength and freedom to begin to say – “Wook, Daddy, wook – wikkle problems, wikkle worries, wikkle circumstances”.

Perhaps our problems seem so big, because our altitude is too low.

Sheriden Hanson

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