Walking on the Waters

https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=eLqTZ07ja7g (Song. “Oceans” by Hillsong)

When Peter let go of the side of the boat and strode out across the water in answer to his Saviour’s call he was doing fine – until he noticed the wind whipping up the huge waves all around him. (Matthew 14:22-33)

It’s not the scary stuff we are going through that causes us to stumble, it’s the world’s opinion of that stuff.

Within weeks of attending Aylesbury Vineyard I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour. My prognosis (with treatment) was/is around 18 months. The testimony of how God prepared me, provided for me, supported me and healed me (in more than the removal of a malicious little tumour AKA “Bob the Blob”) is too long for this blog. But this song is just one his provisions for me. I first heard it in worship one Sunday morning immediately after (God-incidentally ) studying the story of Peter walking on the water earlier that week in my bible study group (not an Aylesbury Vineyard group).

It made me see that when all the world around you is expecting the worst, their words and actions can distract you from the real author of your fate. We all know we are supposed to “fix our eyes on Jesus” but sometimes it’s hard when waves rage all around you. I had read this passage countless times before and heard many a sermon in it but had never really noticed this little lesson: it wasn’t the fact that ‘humans can’t walk on water’ that disturbed Peter, it was noticing the waves. His human experience (no doubt accompanied by shouts from the boat!) told him that the waves were strong and could knock him off his feet and drown him. He had forgotten that he was already doing the impossible!

This little personal message from our awesome, powerful, almighty, healing God, given in song and music and His Word, picked me up in a week when I had been buffeted by human opinion. An oncologist had told me ‘nobody survives this’. God reassured me that He was in charge and I had merely to keep my eyes above the waves and reach out to my Saviour who is always dead ahead of me. I had asked Him and he had said “come”(Mat 14:29). I was already doing the impossible.

I have gone through an amazing year (see my blog: www.bobtheblobsblog.com for the whole saga) and every time I have felt a little shaken I have put this song on loud and sung along to it. I can thoroughly recommend you do the same!

Thank you Hillsong, and thank you Aylesbury Vineyard worship group for listening to God’s choice of song for me that week and playing it so movingly… without the least idea of what you were doing.

And most of all, thank you Jesus for calling me out upon the waters in the first place.

Tanya Malpass
Tanya Malpass

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